Aromatherapy, a gentle way to soothe our minds anytime

Regularly, we use aromatherapy in our home to help soothe our minds and create an ambiance. It subtly makes the air like nature has entered the room and helps us feel more relaxed. In the cooler months, I enjoy candles. Especially the warm gentle fragrance of natural beeswax candles. It’s such a treat then.

But in the warmer months, I prefer to mix and match watered down scented oils. We currently use two kinds of essential oils concoctions in our home. I have a little spray of organic sweet orange, mimosa and lemongrass essential oils. I like to spray a little bit of it in my daughter’s room, before she returns from school (I find that one spray is enough). That way, the scent settles nicely and becomes a subtle fragrance in the air. There is an olfactory familiarity that is both invigorating and calming. Plus, I find that it sets the mood for her playtime quite nicely, and she likes it.

In the evening time, I like to reach for some lavender oil (you can also make some at home using lavender and some vodka!). Also, whenever I find my daughter a bit agitated before bed, I put a couple of drops in a diffuser. Or, I put some with water to lightly spray the bed with my mixture. It almost has a magical effect on her, signaling her to fully relax. Most of the time, she feels the need to quiet down almost immediately. It simply makes the bed time routine more special. Besides, I can in turn better enjoy my evening knowing that she settled down peacefully for the night.

Here in Germany, there are several options of ready-made aromatherapy brands. The most common organic and vegan brand is Primavera. I love that they have a kids’ line. We have tried a couple of them, and are so pleased with the quality. The best part is that they are available at most German drugstores. In time I will certainly try a couple more.

Important: If you have any questions about how to use essential oils, please talk to your (child’s) physician before you start. Some essentials oils are not recommended for children or during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

x Mariam


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