Slow-stitched quilts and wall-hangings from Cutts & Sons

I discovered Jessie Cutts and her beautiful handmade quilts on Instagram last week and ended up down an Instagram rabbit hole, falling more and more in love with the work she does. I love the concept of her made-to-order quilted letters. How beautiful are they! (I adore this photo, above, of the letters behind the beds. I just want to replicate that whole entire cute scene.) And the quilted wall-hangings too — they’re all lovingly made in an improvisational way, depending on fabric scraps available. The pieces are all one-of-a-kind and individually made from a mix of cotton and linen fabrics: up-cycled clothes, dressmaking offcuts, hand-dyed and new (always natural) fabrics.

Jessie Cutts lives with her family by the sea in Kent, UK. She designs and makes everything herself. Visit the Cutts & Sons website for more info. Or, like me, you can start following her work on Instagram. (Check out her house renovation project of an old Georgian terrace house built in 1826. I’m obsessed!!)

Courtney x


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