Gingerbread City with the Museum of Architecture — a must see!


The Museum of Architecture is an impressive place for any aspiring architect or eager young mind! We were lucky enough to visit their recent Gingerbread City pop-up at Somerset House. But don’t stop reading thinking this is all about Christmas. The MoA, or Museum of Architecture, is a must-visit venue year round with a strong family focus and incredible workshops with The School for Creative Thinkers.

We joined MoA to visit the jaw-dropping and mouth-watering Gingerbread City exhibition. It is a futuristic city that explores imaginative new ways of moving around our densely populated cities – all made entirely from gingerbread! Both unconventional and mesmerising, it was designed by some of the UK’s top architects and designers.

And we were lucky enough to also take part in a great family event. We got to build our own gingerbread train stations! And our two proud young architects left with their creations and then eagerly took them into school to show all their friends.

But the innovative mission of The Museum of Architecture (MoA) is “a charity dedicated to finding new ways for the public to engage with architecture and to encouraging entrepreneurship within architectural practice in order to stimulate learning, collaboration and action.​

MoA has been a pop-up museum since 2006 and positions itself as a place where people come to learn about what is currently happening in architecture through exhibitions, events, talks, and public installations. MoA’s programming provides insightful information for both the public and architects alike, linking architecture to contemporary culture to make it accessible to all.”

Because the Museum is a pop-up venue find out what is new online and visit them in unique and changing places. And who knows, you might be able to join a workshop on Nature’s Architecture or a camp for young architects. Or a gingerbread city! They are building new ideas all the time, all over London.

Thanks to Luke Donovan for the lovely professional photos of the exhibit. And you can clearly tell them apart from mine (with children)! 🙂

Enjoy all the MoA has to offer.


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