A new contributor! Introducing Zainab

Many years ago, Babyccino started out as an ongoing conversation between friends. A conversation about parenting, about living in different cities/cultures, about food and travel and well, just the everyday. A conversation in which we would share parenting discoveries, tips and ideas, hoping to support each other and learn from each other, help each other and inspire each other. 

Over the years, our conversation evolved and broadened. Our oldest children are teenagers now! Wonderful contributors (friends!) in different places of the world have joined in, and I love hearing the stories coming from their part of the world.

I’m so thankful that my friend Zainab has agreed to write for our blog to broaden our conversation even more! Zainab is a born and bred Londoner with a South-African and Libyan background. She is originally a graphic designer, but recently retrained as a Montessori teacher and runs positive parenting workshops in the Montessori spirit. Together with her Indian/Pakistani husband and their darling little girl and baby boy, they live quite an international and culturally interesting family life!

I’m looking forward to read Zainab’s tips and thoughts about Montessori parenting, but also to learn about her family and friends’ celebrations and rituals. I am not accustomed with many of these traditions and am excited to learn more about them. (Her first post will be published right after this one!)

Also, this coming Monday morning at our London ShopUp event, Zainab will be the moderator of a panel talk which will have the theme ‘Cultural Richness around Bringing up Children’. The talk will focus on the differences of annual rituals and family relationships in a broader cultural differentiation. 

With a panel of eight amazing women around our table representing different cultural backgrounds (see more in the PS), we will talk about heritage and diversity as well as adaptiveness and similarities, threading together different points of view. Resulting in ideas and understanding that can be used in an open-minded, positive and inclusive upbringing of our children. And, also, to come back to the beginning: to support and learn form each other, to help and inspire each other. 

If you can come, please join us in the café of the Chelsea Old Town Hall this Monday morning and meet all of us!

xxx Esther

PS on our panel:


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November 29, 2019

Sounds like a totally fascinating discussion! Please share whatever you can from it for those of us not in London 🙂 x

November 29, 2019

Welcome Zainab, can’t wait to read your posts!
Gloria in Milano

Courtney in Australia
December 2, 2019

Welcome Zainab! I can’t wait to read your posts. Wish I could have met you in London at the ShopUp. xx

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