Fagus Wooden Vehicles

Fagus fire truck, excavator, and garbage truck
Fagus Fire Truck
ladder and people from Fagus Fire Truck

When I think about the toys my children play with daily, the ones I see off the shelf, in the middle of the floor day in and out, our Fagus vehicles come immediately to mind. Much has been written on this site about the team’s very favorite toys for children (this list of evergreen, open-ended toys is a great place to start) and for me, the Fagus vehicles easily make the list. Do you already know them? I have a child obsessed with any sort of vehicle – cars, trucks, construction equipment, trains, you name it – and these are his favorite as well.

He loves that they’re big and sturdy, but more importantly, that they can actually do the work he wants them to do during his imaginative play. With two levers, the excavator’s long arm can reach and scoop up small toys or participate in building and unbuilding block structures. The fire truck’s ladder extends and swivels, helping the included peg people to reach high places with ease. And the garbage truck’s container can be loaded with all manner of items, driven around the room, and then dumped wherever he pleases (it carries two small garbage cans on the back that tilt up and down by twisting a little round wheel – genius!). Steering is easy with large wooden knobs to control the rubber tires, and the peg people riding in each vehicle add another layer to play scenarios.

Fagus excavator and fire truck
Fagus excavator at work Fagus excavator lifting wooden toys

For me, I love that the trucks are made in Germany of solid beech wood carefully cut to interlock, with pieces joined only by dowels and glue – no nails, screws, or staples at all. They’re so pretty to look at and so far they’ve stood up to the not-so-gentle play of my 2- and 5-year-olds! I love that they’re made by in a workshop that offers training and employment for disabled workers. Finally, I love how seamlessly they fit with so many other open-ended toys and play scenarios – blocks, Schleich and wooden animals, our waytoplay road pieces, our wobble board…all layer together to create endless possibilities for the imagination.

These are special heirloom pieces, and as such, they aren’t inexpensive. But I think the quality and the play opportunities they present are worth the cost, and knowing how often they’re used and how much they’re loved convinces me of their value. Many carry the spiel gut designation (see the sticker on our excavator), an honorary designation signifying toys that have been independently judged to present exceptional play value, craftsmanship, quality, design, etc. for children. We’ve been lucky to have grandparents gift my children the excavator and garbage truck for birthdays, and the fire truck was a special present last Christmas. They’re available at many toy stores, and at Wooden Wagon, among others, online.

Do you have a child who is obsessed with vehicles? Are there other amazing ones out there I might not know about yet?

Shannon x


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November 17, 2019

I really like the idea of wooden toys as it takes us back into history of what was once popular. For me, wooden toys that include paint have to be safe water-based paint. Wooden toys can really take the imagination of a child beyond what some electronic toys can do. Great article!

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