A capsule collection with Nellie Quats!

When the lovely Elinor from Nellie Quats approached me last year about creating a capsule collection, I knew immediately this was a perfect opportunity to work with one of my favourite brands, learn a little about the design process, and (selfishly!) create the perfect pieces for my kids.

Immediately I thought of Ivy, who is now 10 and prefers overalls and jumpsuits over dresses (because they’re easier to play in, and no one sees her undies!). I then thought of Marlow, who still prefers dresses to be ‘spinny’. And lastly, when creating pieces for an Autumn/Winter collection in the UK, we wanted to create something that easily works for all seasons: Autumn in Europe/Spring in Australia. We wanted to create pieces that can be worn on their own — over tanned little limbs in the summer, or worn over shirts and tights in the colder weather.

It’s been a long process of collaboration, and I’m so excited it’s finally ready to share with you! We’ve had fun drawing up designs and choosing fabrics that appeal to everyone in all seasons (see summer above and winter below!). We’ve created overalls and a pinafore dress, both available in two different fabrics. We’ve also sized up to size 12 in the overalls, so Ivy and other ‘tweens’ can wear them. And of course, a bonus in creating overalls (and choosing gender-neutral colours) means that boys can wear them too!

I’m super excited to announce the launch of the collection, online now and ready to shop! I’m excited to hear what you think!

Courtney x


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October 14, 2019

Can’t wait to get ours!

October 14, 2019

I hesitate to click anything promoted by Courtney anymore because most of the time it’s completely out of my price range and this clothing line is no different. It’d be nice to see more products advertised with more reasonable price tags. Thanks!

lisa lou
October 15, 2019

Gorgeous – well done. My daughter like yours who used to love dresses now just wants shorts (or now shorts and tights ) as when messing about prefers she is free to do cartwheels wherever she wants….so overalls and shorts are great to have in collection .

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