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‘Would you Rather…?’ by John Burningham

I remember the first time I played a ‘Would you Rather…’ game. I was a freshman in college and we played in my friend’s dorm room, laughing our heads off. So fun! Who doesn’t love thinking about silly, outrageous potential circumstances and weighing up your favourite (or least terrible) of your options?! Haha.

When I was with in Sydney with Ivy a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon a used book store and found a copy of John Burningham’s ‘Would you Rather?‘ for $4. Ivy insisted we buy it, and we spent the next couple days discussing in great length each scenario. We had so much fun deciding what we’d rather do. For example, would you rather eat spider stew, slug dumplings, mashed worms or drink snail squash? Ivy and I both decided we’d rather eat spider stew!

And then we brought the book home, and the kids (all of them!) had to have a read. A hit for sure!

I’ve just seen that there is a follow-up book, ‘More Would you Rather‘, which I might have to order for a certain someone’s Christmas present.

Courtney x


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September 25, 2019

I remember my children also enjoying this book – all except when it asked if you would ‘rather be lost in a crowd?’. Forget the crocodiles, hippos and spiders, this terrified them! Eventually, they glued that page together to ensure we would skip it.

Esther in Amsterdam
September 26, 2019

Haha, that is so cute!!!

Annie from Brimful
September 25, 2019

Ooo – this author looks so fun. I just checked our local library and there’s a bunch of his books there :). We will check him out!

October 2, 2019

John Burningham wrote brilliant children’s books, we had this when I was a child and when my son was smaller I dug it out for him and he now loves it.

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