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Early Riser Companion: Rhythms & Rituals, Traditions & Transitions by Elizabeth Antonia

Longtime readers of this blog will remember reading posts from Elizabeth Antonia in Los Angeles. She has been a friend of ours for many years, has contributed to this blog, supported our LA-based ShopUp events and has been a wonderful supporter of Babyccino.

I remember the first time she told me her idea for the Early Riser Companion: we were walking together at Deception Pass with our children, a special place for both of us (I grew up nearby, and she was married there!), and she shared her idea with me to create a book for parents to celebrate and share rhythms, rituals and traditions for the first seven years of childhood. (I think this must have been at least five years ago now!)

A year later, we spent time together at the beach on Bainbridge Island where I spent my childhood summers. We enjoyed a few sunny, magical summer days together in one of my favourite places on this planet, and again she shared her ideas with me for the book she wanted to create. I could think of nobody better to create a book that celebrates the magic of childhood, the little moments inbetween the big ones, the seasonal celebrations… the being of parenthood versus the doing.

It is a huge joy to see her book come together and to finally hold it in my hands. Every page is a treat to the eyes and the soul. I can literally hear her beautiful voice in her writing and I find myself so inspired by her wise words. Even as a seasoned mother, I found a renewed desire to slow down and enjoy this precious time with my young children. And I have already bookmarked pages to reference for each coming season.

The book includes songs, rhymes, recipes, rituals and ideas to layer into your home — reminders of the importance of traditions and routines for our children and families.  It is a wonderful resource for new mothers, and has great ideas and inspiration for the more seasoned mothers as well.

You can purchase the book directly from the website here.

Courtney x


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