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‘Cookies: Bite Sized Life Lessons’

Cooperation is, “how about I add the chocolate chips while you stir the cookie dough?” Patience is waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the cookies to be finished baking. And respect is offering the first cookie out of the oven to your grandmother. The book Cookies: Bite-Sized Life Lessons, is just that — a book that uses sweet analogies to explain concepts including compassion, politeness, and respect to little minds. I can’t recommend this picture book enough, written by the late and legendary Amy Krouse Rosenthal (who wrote other family favorites like Little Miss Big Sis and I Wish You More). Her whimsical illustrations of various animals and children stirring the dough, or sharing their cookie with a friend, are so sweet and captivating. My personal favorite lesson from the story is optimism versus pessimism. One can feel sad to only have half a cookie left, or grateful to still have half a cookie left! Pick this book up from your local library or bookstore; it’s one of our favorites and equally educational and fun to read together. 

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