5 Questions with Laura Egloff of Velveteen

It is so inspiring and insightful to see how a collection can emerge from its creator’s story. To observe how one person can draw the wealth of their life experiences into a rich collection. One that is so unique, and heartfelt.

With a bohemian vibe and a big sprinkling of magic, Velveteen, a beautiful brand of baby and children’s clothing, is truly global in both its influences and its reach. And yet, it remains very much the creation of one well-travelled mama, Laura Egloff. We wanted to hear more of Laura’s story – and she kindly agreed to answer our 5 questions.

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1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live and about your family.

My name is Laura Egloff. I live in Hong Kong with my husband and two children, Alessandra and Gabriel. I was born in California and lived in New York and London before moving to Hong Kong 13 years ago…where I met my Swiss husband.

My father was an educator and my mother was a teacher. They raised us to travel, to thrive on the pursuit of knowledge and to never give up. I do my best to pass these lessons on to my children and to reflect these values in Velveteen’s collections… Somedays I do a better job at it than others!

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2. Tell us a little bit about your brand and how you came to create your label.

My brand was born when my life-long obsession with fashion design and my new found obsession with my first born child began to intertwine. As a designer, I started to work at making her clothes as beautiful and functional as I could.

My frequent travel to India brought about an introduction to factories and local designers. They were so inspiring that my husband started pushing me to bring my notebook of sketches to life with my first collection.

We officially launched Velveteen in 2013 when we showed the first Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Playtime New York. I flew from Switzerland to India to pick up the samples the night before the show. From there I flew directly to New York to iron the collection in my hotel room. It was crazy and stupid – and a really fun memory.

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3. With home in Hong Kong, roots in the US and experience of living in Europe your world is wide! Where do you look for design inspiration?

Certainly a lot of my inspiration comes from the travel we’re very lucky to have at our doorstep, living in Hong Kong. However, the brand’s fundamental creative aesthetic is very grounded in my California upbringing.

Having grown up determined to become a fashion designer, my teenage memories are riddled with tattered copies of Elle and Vogue, and notes scribbled in a sketchbook of women’s designs…. So basically not much has changed for me as an adult!

I’m constantly inspired by the amazing women’s and menswear designers from the past and present. I look for fun and functional ways to incorporate that inspiration into Velveteen’s designs.

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4. What is your current favourite product in your collection?

For SS19, I love our two fun jumpsuits for how easy they are to wear while still looking fabulous. The Adele jumpsuit has a wide-leg crop pant and halter top silhouette that makes me want it in my size. The Britt playsuit combines our best selling skort silhouette with a very pretty lace inlay top. It can easily be dressed up for a party or dresed down a bit with a fun denim jacket and trainers for an afternoon of running errands. I’m constantly thinking about how versatile our pieces can be in order to make dressing as fun and easy as possible. I know how difficult it can be to have little ones who aren’t happy with the outfits on offer!

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5. What’s next for Velveteen?

We’ve just launched our first flagship store in London so we’ve been quite busy these days! We’re all looking forward to taking time to absorb it all and get to know our customers in this beautiful Notting Hill neighbourhood.

We have a few other plans in the works for later this year, but our main focus will be on producing really thoughtful collections. Ones that meet the needs of our customers and their parents while continuing to expand our sustainability efforts. There’s always improvement to be made!

velveteen london flagship shop with founder laura egloff

Velveteen is a longtime member of our shopping portal and a brand we’ve loved for longer. Read more in their shop profile!
Photography of the Adele jumpsuit by Lisa Sorgini. Photography of Britt playsuit by Julia Bostock.


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May 6, 2019

So thrilled to discover this beautiful boutique in London after the Babycino post. How refreshing to find lovely things for 10, 12 and 14 year olds that reflect their sizes and bring a bit of teen vibe. Thank you Velveteen!

May 7, 2019

I know exactly what you mean, Emma. We’re so happy to help you find the beautiful Velveteen! Thanks for sharing xx

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