The funny little things our mums have taught us


I was talking to a friend of mine last night about the funny little things our moms have taught us, which have stuck with us. What I like is that these little pearls of wisdom are entirely different from person to person.  And yet we each consider them rules we cannot break, even though we are now mothers ourselves.

My mother taught me a lot of things about life, but what I am talking about are the little nuggets. I will forever pack a “good dress and shoes” whenever I pack a suitcase, just in case the necessary occasion comes up. I also feel like I am not fully dressed if I don’t use a bit of perfume in the morning. My friend will never “show the colour of her bra strap”. Interestingly enough, that never occurred to me. I even have some pretty bra straps that I got specifically to show off! Another friend of ours was taught never to mention her age. Esther was taught always to dry carefully between each of her toes after a shower. Now each of her kids and even her husband do it as meticulously as she does!

I quite like the fact that we have these little things ingrained in us from a previous generation, and that we are very likely teaching our children similar random things!


PS. I hope everyone in the UK had a good Mother’s Day! x


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April 1, 2019

This is the cutest pic, Emilie!

April 3, 2019

do not go out without a clean tissue! I always check if there`s one in my pocket. it was helpfull a 100 times for friends, foreigners and me of course!

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