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Witchfairy — a book about being brave and finding your place in the world

Witchfairy by Brigitte Minne and Carll Cneut is a new favourite book in our house. This is a book about finding your own place in the world, and I can’t imagine any child wouldn’t like the delightful messages in this book.

An adventurous and brave daughter fairy who has an independent and curious spirit questions her cautious and reluctant mother fairy. The mother just wants her daughter to conform, do the right thing, and not get her lovely dresses dirty in the process! The daughter does not agree. A great compromise is struck eventually. But don’t we love kids with a great spirit for making their own wishes happen? Well this young fairy has spirit, that is for sure. It is charming, and admirable.

The beautiful, soft, and graphically coloured illustrations and the fabulous dialogue between the mother and daughter make this book absolutely charming!

We hope you enjoy Witchfairy at home.  And I would highly recommend it for a birthday present (great for kids between 4-9 years old!).

Enjoy Witchfairy, and if you are looking for other picture books which have a subtle but beautiful message we recommend : Waiting, and On a Magical Do-Nothing-Day.

Lara x


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