Team Favourites: Family Films

Just in time for the holidays — for things to slow down and for lots of snuggle time on the sofa, we’ve rounded up our team’s favourite family-friendly films. These are films the parents will enjoy just as much as the kids, and ones which will surely make the next rainy afternoon more enjoyable! Here are 12 of our favourites:

    1. Paddington: We adore Paddington – so much! The scenes of London are so nostalgic and I love how Paddington is such a sweet character. We’re forever singing “London is the place to be”. — Vanessa
    2. The Princess Bride: The Princess Bride is the funniest, most iconic fairytale ever made.”My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die” is possibly one of the most quoted lines in film history. — Emilie
    3. The Sound of Music: How can any family film list be complete without this one? I think I watched it at least 20 times as a child, and at least 10 times as an adult, and I’ll never tire of it. — Courtney
    4. Mama Mia: The music! This is a fun one for the older kids. — Esther
    5. Finding Nemo: So wonderful to watch and the perfect film to teach kids to pursue their dreams and never give up. — Lara in Paris
    6. Grease:  Again, it’s all about the songs! This is another fun one to watch with the older children.
    7. Ratatouille: It’s so heartwarming to watch Remy the rat pursuing his dream to become a chef in a French restaurant. Love the ‘chase your dreams’ message! — Alies & Lara in Paris
    8. Little Women: I think this movie came out when I was in high school and I recently re-watched this on an airplane and was reminded of what a beautiful film it is. I’m hoping to watch it with the kids this holiday, especially excited to share it with my girls. — Courtney 
    9. Cinderella: This is a positive and beautiful family film, which has the motto ‘Have courage and be kind.’ Two things we want our children to go into life with. — Lara in London
    10. Matilda: We only have a few movies we’ve purchased and saved in our iTunes account, and this is one of them. And it’s one of those movies our kids have seen several times but still request whenever we have the rare family movie night. — Courtney
    11. Moana: We love this soundtrack; it is an upbeat movie with great visuals, and we adore the strong grandmother and female characters too! — Lara in London
    12. Pirates of the Caribbean: The girls have both just become fans of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ — they tell me “it’s fun, scary and super adventurous all at the same time”. — Vanessa 


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December 19, 2018

Oh my gosh! Last night I was just reminiscing on a childhood favorite, thinking it was so appropriate for the babyccino family. I ended up watching the whole thing (it’s only 25 minutes). The song is so beautiful and it made me cry.

It’s called The Snowman, and it’s an oldie – made in 1982. It’s animated, but beautifully done in sort of a colored-pencil type of fashion.

Here it is in full:

December 19, 2018

Hi Hanna, isn’t The Snowman a wonderful movie? I discovered it two years ago and love it.

Annie from Brimful
December 20, 2018

Great list…some of these I’ve never seen before! Paddington was such a cute movie, but I think the sequel is actually even better. It’s just adorable. Also, the original animated version of 101 Dalmatians is a family favorite.

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