Our home featured on The Design Files!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to receive an email from Lucy at The Design Files asking to feature our home on her site.  I’ve been a reader of The Design Files since we renovated our last home in London more than six years ago and have pinned so many pretty interior photos from her website onto Pinterest in my own quest for design inspiration. Perhaps what I found the most flattering was that Lucy approached me halfway through our renovation project asking to feature the house when it was finished, meaning she hadn’t even seen the house before asking me to feature it. Lucy from the Design Files had faith in ME!!! OMG! I swear it even gave me the extra energy I needed to get through the renovation and firm up all those design decisions causing me stress.

What it also did was light a little fire under my bum when we finally moved in.  Lucy had organised the super talented Kara Rosenlund (honestly one of the kindest, sweetest humans I’ve ever met!) to come and take photos of our house just a few weeks after moving in. So I unpacked boxes at lightning speed and spruced up our house quickly in order to have it photoshoot ready. 🙂 Of course it always takes time to really add the sorts of layers and accessories that make a house feel like a lived-in home, but I’m so happy to have captured this home in its newness.

I’ve shared a few favourite photos here, but please head over to The Design Files to read the full feature. You can also find a Q&A feature on our family from a few weeks ago.

Courtney x


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November 21, 2018

What a wonderful home! I love the photo of you all, packing school lunches – I see that Marlowe still sticks her little tongue out when she’s concentrating…… so cute!

Courtney in Australia
November 26, 2018

Haha, yes! She still sticks her tongue out every time she concentrates. So cute! 🙂

November 21, 2018

So many things gifted. Did you pay for anything yourselves?

Courtney in Australia
November 26, 2018

Hi Claire,
What do you mean by this? What a rude and completely unfounded comment to make here.
Hardly anything was gifted to us. The bathtub was gifted in exchange for promotion as part of a bigger collaboration with Victoria & Albert. A few of the pendants in the kitchen and dining room were also gifted as part of a collaboration with Dunlin, a wonderful Australian-based company. Everything else was paid for by ourselves. Please don’t write untruthful things here.

December 30, 2018

Hi court!

I was wondering if you talk any where about your paint choices in the new home? Redoing our laundry room and currently have a pic of yours, along with little mr Wilkie in the sink tubby hanging as our inspo ☺️ Would love to know what whites
you went with, if you’d be so kind to take a minute and share.

Courtney in Australia
January 6, 2019

Hi Kristin,
Thanks for your sweet comment.
We decided on ‘Natural White’ by Dulux for all the interior walls in our home, and we’re so happy with it. It’s a warm-ish white, without being yellow or pink, and it still remains quite crisp.
Hope this helps! x

Meagan Tidwell
January 9, 2019

Such an amazing and inspirational remodel. I love how it captures an indoor/outdoor vibe so well. So much love to your family as you enjoy the new space!

I realize that it isn’t pictured here, but I’ve been curious for a while where your crib sheet is from? The blue one with little geometric shapes. Its so cute!

Thanks! : )

Melissa Hanna
June 21, 2020

Hi there! What a lovely home. My apologies if you’ve answered this elsewhere (I’ve tried searching to no avail…), but I wondered if you would mind sharing where you sourced your outdoor pizza oven? Thank you!

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