My Worm Farm

I was brought up in Germany, so recycling is in my DNA. We had at least 4 different bins in front of our house, one for general trash, one for plastic and paper, one for glass and one for organics.

It was a massive shock when I moved to Paris as recycling is way, way behind over here. I think what especially irked me was throwing vegetable and fruit leftovers in with the used yogurt pots. You see, where ever I had lived up to then, even in the smallest apartment in London, we always had a little brown bin for organic matter that would (fingers crossed) be added onto a giant compost heap and then be put to good use.

Not so here in Paris, so I did a little bit of research. I need to add that I am also very fortunate to have a little courtyard of my own, so I got us a small worm farm. Are you familiar with these? Basically they contain trays on which you add your organic waste. Special worms eat up all the waste and at the end you should have some lovely compost. The great thing? It does not smell, unlike a regular compost, so it is perfect for small balconies and small gardens. Apparently people even keep worm farms under their kitchen sink!

I am now actually quite attached to my little worm population. I have had some misadventures by adding salad with some left over vinaigrette on it and a whole batch started fermenting, but apart from that, it has been really easy.


PS I tried to take some photos of the worms themselves but they were not very pretty ;). So here are a couple of snaps of my tomatos still growing in September and of our little sun flower which just popped up out of no where. Both of these phenomenons I reckon are due to my super worm compost!


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September 19, 2018

How fascinating! Could you recommend any companies where you order your set of worms?

Emilie in Paris
September 20, 2018

I got mine from https://www.verslaterre.fr/en/ I hope that helps! E x

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