Watermelon Shark — the hit of every party and picnic

It is never too late in the summer for a little more fun, so consider this your last and greatest trick… a shark carved out of watermelon, and a fruit salad bowl all-in-one! YES! It has been the biggest hit at every party and picnic for two summers straight. I can’t believe I haven’t posted it until now! So don’t delay, and find an excuse to make this as your summer finale! Shark grins for the win!

I’ve decided to share lots of photos, so it is easier to carve away.

Good luck with your sharks, big or small, (I have made ones that are teeny baby 2-lb melons to big mama 20-lb sharks!!!) and there isn’t a shark that won’t make everyone smile!

Watermelon Shark Recipe:


• 1 oblong, seedless watermelon
• Pencil
• Large knife
• Large spoon
• Paring knife
• Fruit of your choice! Plus 2 large fruits for eyes (blueberry or red grapes work well)
• Toothpicks or wooden skewers
Look for a watermelon with character! We love ones that look a bit like they are the toughest watermelons on the block.
  1. Wash and dry the watermelon.
  2. Cut off 1/3 of the watermelon at a diagonal angle.
  3. Stand the remaining 2/3 upright on your work surface and use a pencil to lightly draw the mouth line and eye sockets.
  4. Cut out the mouth. Trim back a ½” line of the green part of the rind for the teeth area. Then use the knife to make shark attack wounds in a few places on the shark.
  5. Use a large spoon to scoop out the watermelon flesh, leaving 2 to 3 inches intact at the base. This acts as the bottom of the bowl.
  6. Cut out the teeth, using a smaller knife.
  7. Use a knife or a melon baller to cut out the eye sockets that match the size of large marbles. Then use a paring knife to trim the green area around the eyes. Insert fruit eyeballs. You may need a toothpick cut in half to hold the eyes in place.
  8. Use the carved out rind from the mouth to make the dorsal fin, Attach the fin using toothpicks.
  9. Fill the mouth with triangle shapes of watermelon, accented by other fruits. Blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries look great with the watermelon but we’ve also done a classic fruit salad to have in the shark too!
  10. We have used the shark a few days in a row, just refrigerate it in between and add new, fresh, fruit.

Use the leftover watermelon (if there is any) to make these yummy frozen ice lolly treats! Or use the watermelon juice go make smoothies. We love drinking the fresh watermelon juice on its own too. You may have a few cups worth depending on the size of your watermelon!
Enjoy your next party with this fun and edible shark centrepiece! We are about to make a matching girl and boy shark for an upcoming family engagement party. It would be such a great birthday theme too, and you could even make this cake with leftover watermelon too!
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August 31, 2018

This is sooooo good! So creative! Trying this tonight 🙂

Lara in London
September 6, 2018

Hope it was a great success!

Melanie Hughes
September 2, 2018

Love this…Thanks for sharing!

Lara in London
September 6, 2018

You are welcome! Enjoy!

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