Florette By Anna Walker

I am a huge fan of Anna Walker. Her work is deeply absorbing. Beautifully and gently illustrated, Anna’s latest book, Florette, is well loved in our collection of books and one which I can highly recommend. Each and every page is mesmerising and every time you open up Florette a new detail in the illustrations is discovered.

A story of a little girl who’s family is on the move to the city, Mae wishes she could bring her garden with her. She’ll miss the apple trees, the daffodils, and chasing the butterflies in the garden. Day after day she longs to be around her familiar surroundings instead of being bombarded with boxes and boxes to unpack. After a few attempts of re-creating her countryside life of painting butterflies on the tarmaced playground and making a picnic out of the empty cardboard boxes she spies an open space in the city. A sweet little bird guides her to a tiny opening of greenery and Mae picks up a small green sprout. It’s a moment of true discovery which opens her life to new friendships and together they build a garden.

Florette is truly an inspiring story of resiliance and friendships. It’s about change and moving on; something which my girls are very much familiar with and totally resinate to in the story.

Florence gained so much from reading this story and examining the illustrations that she was inspired to get our watercolours out. She spent the whole afternoon painting little notecards for summer holiday writing to her friends. She took tiny excerpts from the pages and recreated little flowers and market scenes on her cards. They even have matching envelopes. How cute are they?

Florette is a delightful book; one perfectly suited for the summer holidays. One which brings inspires entertainment and creativity to children and one perfect for a quiet bedtime read.


The book can be purchased from all good bookstores or online from Amazon (UK) or (US).

Vanessa x


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July 26, 2018

I love that your daughter copied the watercolours and loved the stories – very sweet.

Maria Arefieva
August 3, 2018

This looks so lovely. Thank you for sharing this book!

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