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‘People of Peace’ by Sandrine Mirza

It’s the beginning of the summer holidays for us and we’ve spent the first week taking it easy around the house, catching up with friends and enjoying this glorious sunny weather in the garden. The best part of each day though is in the afternoon when we take five, drink iced tea and read books together. It’s a perfectly harmonious feeling, as we gather our books together on the garden table and chat about what we’re reading.

One book which has partiularly caught Helena’s interest is part of the Inspiring Icons series by Wide Eyed Books, People of Peace. A bright and fun book covering the lives of 40 inspiring figures who have devoted their lives to making the world a better place.

Each double-page spread is stylishly layed out filled with historical facts and explanations of a figure detailing their efforts and achievements made to working towards peace.

What’s so clever about this book is the bold infograhics and the accessible information, which makes it perfect for a reluctant reader or a passionate child of peace. Of the 40 icons chosen, there are philosophers, artists, activists and politicians, students and athletes from all over the world. We particularly like the timeline in the back of the book which shows important dates in the advancement of human rights. It leads to a really important discussion of peace — one of which is currently highlighted in society today.

People of Peace is a wonderful introduction to world history and one for children of all ages. You can purchase People of Peace straight from the publisher Wide Eyed, from all good bookstores or from Amazon.

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July 10, 2018

The book looks beautiful however I would question promoting Pablo Picasso as an advocate for world peace. Pablo Picasso’s opinion on women and his treatment of his family are at best tyrannical. Separating the art from the artist can lead to troubled individuals held up as role models.

July 10, 2018

I thought this exactly – Picasso as a role model?

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