Team Favourites: Best Storage Items for the Family

Storage, storage, storage! Whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a big house in the country (or anything in between!), having enough storage feels like the never-ending conundrum… especially when you have kids! You need places to store their shoes, their toys, hair accessories, nicknacks, books, etc. etc. etc.  And there’s no reason storage solutions should be ugly. Rather the opposite — storage can actually be a contributing part of the décor of your home.  I’ve written before about my love of baskets, but we thought we’d share an updated round-up of all of our team’s favourite storage items.  From baskets to to boxes to metal cases, we’ve rounded up the very best storage solutions which are all just as pretty as they are practical.  Here are our favourites:

1. Swoop bags: For Lego storage — so great because the kids can easily spread their lego out when the bag is all open, and then all swoop it back together once it’s tidy up time. Bags can be hung on a hook or stuck under a bed, for example. — Esther

2. Pretty see-through baskets: I love this particular see-through basket style as you can display the beautiful wooden toys in them yet keep the room tidy. — Lara in Paris

3. Belly baskets: We must have at least 20 of these scattered around the house. I use them for everything! What I love is that you can fold down the top half of the basket into the bottom, and it becomes a shorter, shallower basket — perfect for inside cupboards or on narrow shelves. — Courtney

4. Metal trunks: I have a pair of these near my front door stacked up, and they make a great side table. And inside? All of our hats, gloves, scarves, etc., great to grab on the way out the door! — Rebecca

5. Mini baskets: Perfect for holding jewellery on your bathroom counter. Or seashells the kids have found. Or any small treasures. We also keep small toys like spinning tops, tiny building blocks and Ostheimer animals in wooden bowls of this size in the living room (see photo above). They look so pretty and if they’re out in the open, chidlren are always enticed to play with them. — Courtney & Esther

6. Storage boxes with lift-off lid: Great for boxes which can be seen, so need to look nice, but also need to work hard to hold a lot of items. — Lara in London

7. Basket bowls: We brought back a couple of them from Marrakech and have them hanging from a peg rack in Oscar’s room to hold his small collection of Schleich animals and a few building blocks. — Lara in Paris

8. Vitra Toolbox: We have this box on the top of my son’s bureau to help organize his diapers, ointment, comb, etc. — Shannon

9. Metal drawer unit on wheels: I’ve owned a few of these over the years and it is fab for art supplies: one drawer for paper, one for markers, one for paints — all tidied away! –– Rebecca

10. Eco felt baskets: Both of my kids have these in their rooms for holding various items (extra nappies and wipes, blankets, shoes, etc.). I love that they’re made from recycled plastic bottles! — Shannon

11. Large square baskets: Oscar also has this big basket on the floor of his room to keep all of his teddy bears and plush-toys tidy but within reach, I really like the thick woven style. — Lara in Paris

12. Canvas storage bins in various sizes: I love all the different sizes and patterns. Perfect for any room! — Esther

13. Birch wood tool box: I have one of these on my daughter’s bureau to help corral little things like her hair brush and comb, hair clips, nail scissors, moisturizer etc. It would also work really well for organizing art supplies (hmm…maybe I should get another one!) — Shannon

14. Bolga baskets: We use these baskets everywhere! For small toy storage. For hair clips. For keys and random pocket-emptyings in the entry hall. Available in so many pretty colour combos. — Courtney & Esther

15. Desk tidy tray: We had something really similar when we lived in London and it was so helpful for keeping all the paperwork on my desk tidy. I need to buy another one — our desk is always cluttered with papers right now! — Courtney


Please share your favourite storage items in the comments below. We’re always happy to hear your favourites too!

Courtney x

p.s. It’s an old post, but still relevant — our ten tips for decorating children’s rooms!


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May 14, 2018

Wine boxes are also great for this purpose! And really fashionable 🙂

Annie from Brimful
May 14, 2018

What a great round-up and so up my alley 😉. I have several of these lidded baskets and always get asked where they are from.

Sarah hughes
June 5, 2018

Thank you for sharing your tips…storage (or the lack of) is an issue for us. I love the large basket holding the Lego – may I ask where it is from please? 💕

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