Fabrique Bakery — the best cinnamon rolls in London

Thankfully Fabrique Bakery exists in London. In Stockholm, Fabrique is famous for the fika, a concept based around a Swedish cake & coffee break. Fortunately Fabrique bakery, located on Portobello Road, is about twenty minutes away from my home, so it is a destination.  If it was any closer, it would be deliciously dangerous to live near! 🙂

But this exquisite Swedish bakery has three London locations, and I am forever grateful to them for moving overseas and sharing their mouth-watering cinnamon rolls with us. They are not just a one-trick pony — they have delicious seasonal vanilla rolls (which are my personal very very favourite), incredible ginger cookies (a winter item) and exquisite rye bread, either as a sandwich at their shop, or as a loaf to bring home and enjoy (devour) with any cheese/ham/fruit you can imagine!

What I love most about the Fabrique bakery is their ethos. They are casual by nature, but conscious about ingredients and quality. They use imported Swedish butter, a foundation to their food, to hand bake their breads and cakes with. And they only use fresh, natural ingredients and traditional methods to bake their items as well. All of these yummy ingredients are then baked in a stone oven. So the flavour is locked in! Delicious.

And the flavour is so memorable, that we can not walk past Fabrique (on Portobello Road) without squeals of delight (‘treat! treat!’) from the front of the stroller. We have to stop, say hello to the cat, often give it a kiss (it is a sculpture of a cat but still provides entertainment), and enjoy at least one cinnamon roll! It is such an easy place to stop and refuel, a fika!

We love the big open bench which is the perfect size for toddlers to perch, the sweet little bistro tables with cheery little posies, their collection of vintage plates, and the bright space, even on the greyest of London days. It is such a cute spot, and the staff is always so kind. They happily let you use the extra space near the loos for parking our buggy, the water refill area (great for reusing water bottles).  Just note that there isn’t a baby changing table. But do not let that detract you, just plan accordingly. Because nothing can get in the way of this delicious treat. As other Fabrique fans will agree.

Lastly, we can’t (and I am sure you won’t be able to either) leave home empty-handed! Joseph always makes sure we have one for his sister if she is at school! So sweet. Literally.

Fabrique London Adresses and Hours of Operation (but check the website):

Fabrique’s London Bakery, Hoxton
Arch 385, Geffrye Street, Shoreditch
Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm
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Fabrique’s Covent Garden 
8 Earlham street, London, WC2H 9RY
Mon-Fri 8am – 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 9.30am-6.30pm
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Fabrique’s Notting Hill
212 Portobello Road, London, W11 1LA
Mon-Sun 8am – 7pm
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Enjoy all the yumminess and have a cinnamon roll or two for me!

Lara x


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