Tinker Toys, a decades old wooden toy with lasting appeal

I grew up with Tinker Toys, but probably wouldn’t have thought to introduce them to my younger children (yet). However, Joseph found them while I was rummaging through a box of items in storage, and I am so happy he did because this has quickly grown into one of our favourite activities!

Tinker Toys can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The power in this toy is that it is open-ended and so simple in design, making this such a beautifully versatile wooden toy. Consisting of wooden ‘spokes’ and rods, you can literally construct anything you can imagine  — one day we even built a seven foot tall structure, which created quite a buzz in the house! The Tinker Toys shapes were designed after seeing children play with sticks and spools of thread in the early nineteen hundreds. That just shows how timeless this kind of play is!

We purchased additional Tinker Toy pieces on eBay, and found that there are many varieties. Coloured wood ones were produced after the 1950s. And the Tinker Toys produced these days are in coloured wood or plastic…. But we love this all natural set from the 1930s and we will enjoy adding to our collection with second hand ones!

Timeless toys are a recipe for endless exploration. And if you would like some more suggestions on toys like this, we also love these of Wooden Story Toys. And, this wooden toy suggestion by Esther.

What are your favourite open ended toys in your family?

Lara x


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