The hospital bag | what essentials do you need to pack?

The last few weeks before giving birth is all about preparing for baby. I’ve been reading books and trying to practise my breathing for during delivery, and I have set up the little crib and changing table in our bedroom. Of course I’ve washed all those little baby clothes as well! Part of the fun, for sure. And considering that I’m keeping my options open (home birth or hospital birth), I did pack my hospital bag. So I’m ready either way!

hospital bag essentials

Here’s what’s in my hospital bag:

  1. A wash bag with lip balm, some samples of face wash, face lotion, shampoo and shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, hand cream, and a case (plus solution) for my contact lenses. Also, elastic bands for my hair!
  2. Some basic make-up (my two favourite tinted moisturisers, from Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder (which in winter I mix), my favourite cream blush stick and simple black mascara)
  3. Warm socks and slippers (I packed a pair of disposable slippers that I brought from a hotel room. Handy, I thought!)
  4. A cute night shirt / nursing gown and a cosy robe
  5. Cotton grandma briefs!
  6. A comfy nursing bra and nursing tank
  7. A bar of chocolate, some little bags of nuts and a bottle of champagne
  8. A little notebook and a pen
  9. Breast pads (washable) and sanitary pads
  10. A pair of maternity leggings, a long sleeved T-shirt which allows for nursing and a cute oversized blouse to wear when going back home

I also packed a phone charger and left a note to remind myself to stick my phone in the bag, as well as my glasses. And to not forget our (charged!) camera and the baby car seat.

And here’s what I packed for baby:

  • Layette essentials (two envelope onesies, two cosy white sleepsuits, a cashmere receiving blanket, a swaddle blanket, two muslin squares and a hat)
  • One tiny baby outfit (overalls and hat which I knit for Casper!) and minuscule socks
  • A few organic nappies and wipes

xxx Esther

PS Some women love to bring a little bluetooth speaker to the hospital so they can listen to music. Some bring candles so they can dim the light. Some even like to bring a pillow from home. I personally don ‘t need any of this in the hospital, but I’m curious to hear what you did bring and loved having with you?


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February 23, 2018

A Boppy nursing pillow.

February 23, 2018

Oh yes, and some organic nipple cream. I like Earth Mama Angel Baby cream.

February 24, 2018

Thank you for sharing this! I found it so hard to pack the hospital bag, it took me daaaays!! After an emergency c-section and my baby on ICU (all went well in the end) I noticed I don’t need 80% of this stuff, but I loved my breastfeeding pillow. The clinics don’t have enough for every mother and especially if its difficult and complicated (and with an ICU-baby with all those tubes, it is!), I found it a blessing to have my own!

February 24, 2018

Oh and a bit of chocolate didn’t hurt 🙂

Esther in Amsterdam
February 25, 2018

I have never stayed longer than a night in the hospital… For Sara I had to stay, for the others I walked out with my baby a few hours after giving birth. So I never needed much, but the things I have listed above have always come in handy. I can imaging a nursing pillow is handy when you’ve had a caesarean! (I personally never owned one — I’ve always used the pillows on our bed or sofa for support…) x
PS totally agree about the chocolate — see my point 7 🙂

February 26, 2018

Someone told me just after I had my third (and final) baby that a white noise machine is helpful in the hospital because it helps drown out all the noise both in your room and from the hallway. I wish someone had told me that sooner! The best thing I packed the last time was a sleep mask. I never got much sleep, but it certainly helped!

Esther in Amsterdam
February 26, 2018

A white noise machine — so interesting! (I think there are white noise apps for your phone too.) And I like the idea of a sleeping mask!! Thank you!

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