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We love traveling as a family! Ever since the kids were small, getting out of our daily environment, spending time together and discovering new things has been our favourite thing to do. Some of our best memories have been made while we’ve been on the road. Sometimes things don’t even go to plan, but that can be a good thing!

We have spent time in hotels, hostels and tents. But our favourite way of travelling will always be homestays. There is something so comforting about staying in a real home. I feel like you are much more easily familiarised with the city you are visiting.

I also find that we get into the groove of the country we are discovering much more quickly if we are staying in a lived-in home. It is subtle, but even the way a home is set up is different in every country. The spices on the spice shelf and the utensils that are used always vary and I love it! You really get the sense that you’re experiencing what it’s really like to live there.

If we do not have friends to stay with, my back-up solution is Kid & Coe, who we have been working with for a few years now. Kid & Coe specialises in family homestays all over the world.  Their amazing houses are in some of the best locations I have visited. I love the fact that each house or flat has a family living in it, so everything is there. New toys are discovered and silly things like having enough pans to cook with or plates to eat from are not an issue.

During the London ShopUp back in December, the whole Babyccino team were lucky enough to stay at a beautiful, large house in West London. It was so great to be able to make ourselves a cup of tea when we wanted, chat while sitting around the big sofa and gather together around a dining table. It was so relaxed and cozy and everyone got to hang out together in one place.

Kid & Coe is a wonderful place to find beautiful family-friendly homes in more than 50 different locations. It’s also a perfect place to list your own family home if you’re interested in renting it out.  Esther’s Amsterdam home is listed here, and Courtney’s London flat is listed here!



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February 2, 2018

Great post! Would you be able to provide the link for each of those images that you used?! I am dying to know where each one is and learn more about the properties !! Thx!

February 5, 2018

So sorry about that, I will get those up ASAP. Little technical glitch…

Emilie in Paris
February 8, 2018

Hi Michelle, I have updates these now! Apologies again!

February 5, 2018

I found some lovely houses already! But is it only for UK or US residents? I didn’t find anything on their site. Thank you!

February 5, 2018

Not it is for everyone – a lot of friends of mine in France have used Kid and Coe without any problems.

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