The sweetest swimwear from Minnow

We’re in the height of summer here in Australia and the kids are pretty much living in their swimsuits. We even live in a town where it’s totally acceptable to run errands in your swimsuit, shoes completely optional. (Michael and I joked the other day that you always know the tourists because they’re wearing proper clothes. Haha.)  So, thank goodness for cute swimwear…!

Minnow is a California-based brand of children’s swimwear that offers the most adorable styles, shapes and colours.  From cute, European-style briefs for little boys to the sweetest ruffle one-pieces for girls and a collection of unisex rashies in pretty, matching colours and patterns, the entire collection is beautiful! (In the photos above, Marlow is wearing the ruffle one-piece in dove grey, and it’s so flattering!)


Featuring custom prints, unique details, and high quality materials, everything at Minnow is designed, made and hand-finished in sunny California — another place where the swimsuit is a staple. : )

Courtney x


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Kelly Davies
January 6, 2018

Love love these bathers and have been trying to get my hands on some here in Australia. Is there somewhere that stock them? I know Hello Birdie do, but sold out! 😩

January 7, 2018

I cannot remember seeing Marlow with a natural smile on any photo. She is always trying hard to make a face. I wonder why.

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