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The Lulu Loves Collection by Anna McQuinn

I’ve written before how Florence loves to dive into a series of books and now that she is becoming a confident reader she is adament she will read the bedtime story to me rather then me to her. In all honestly, it slightly disheartens me — I mean why do they grow up so fast? I have no more babies to read to! Anyway, The Lulu Series written by Anna McQuinn is the sweetest set of books perfect for first readers and just as perfect for a bedtime read. All about a little girl called Lulu these books come in a set of four; one when Lulu gets a cat, one all about her love of flowers, one when Lulu goes to the library and the fourth when Lulu reads to Zeki.

As a parent what I love about these books is the fact that these books are so inspiring and they bring so much more to the table. ‘Lulu Loves Flowers’ begins with the rhyme, ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ and this led to Florence singing her favourite rhymes over and over again. We even went online to see some of the activities which accompany each book. You can make your own Mary doll, bake flower cupcakes and learn all about animal protection when reading ‘Lulu Gets a Cat’.

It’s no surprise that The Lulu Series has won so many awards. They are a real hit in our house too!

The Lulu Series can be found online directly from Alanna Publishers.


Vanessa x


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Margaret Aitken
November 27, 2017

Where is your beautiful wallpaper from? ❤️
(Also from Scotland but currently in Maine!)

Vanessa in Scotland
November 29, 2017

Hi Margaret, It’s a Jane Churchill print wallpaper. I bought it from John Lewis here in the UK. x

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