The seasonal table, and felt ornaments from Crafspring. For decoration or play!

We love having a seasonal table set up in our house.

We gather finds from nature, and we display them together with some sweet felt or wooden artefacts. I have boxes in storage marked ‘Autumn’, ‘Halloween’, ‘Christmas’, etc. — and it’s such a fun event every season, to rediscover what’s inside and create a new set-up. (You can see some examples of our seasonal tables here.) Casper particularly loves to play with the different characters on our seasonal table, it’s very sweet!

felt ornaments

Craftspring is a newly launched Brooklyn-based company, and I’m so excited about their range of products. What they offer is just perfect for seasonal decoration, gifting and play! The masks are simply adorable and so beautifully made. And how cute are all of the little felt animals and characters?

felt woodland masks felt animal mask

All of the Craftspring creations are made by hand by local artisans in Kyrgyzstan. The sheep wool is sourced directly from the Kyrgyzstan mountains, and the raw wool is treated following the ancient technique of wet felting. Women once used to make their yurts this way, which were needed for their nomadic lifestyle. Craftspring ensures that ancient techniques are preserved and used in a beautiful and relevant way, while at the same time female entrepreneurship is encouraged, providing local women with economic and social empowerment.

felt decoration and animal masks

The details and colouring of the collection is beautiful, with all of the hand-embroidering and stitching. Thoughtful details like the cotton lining of the masks (making them more comfortable to wear) give evidence to the amount of care that has gone into the design and execution of each product.

The felt ornaments come with a string so they can be used as ornaments, which can easily be cut off if used for play or for the seasonal table. They are also perfect as gifts. (How clever are these ‘Thank a Teacher‘ or ‘New mum / Baby‘ sections for example? Such a great idea!)

xxx Esther

PS If you’re in Brooklyn in December, don’t miss the opportunity to check out the Craftsping collection at their booth at our New York Holiday ShopUp!!


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