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On A Magical Do-Nothing Day, by Beatrice Alemagna

I am a big fan of Beatrice Alemagna and I have waited so patiently for her latest book, On a Magical Do-Nothing Day to be released here in the UK. I’ve written before of her book, The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty and I have to say this latest picture book is just as magnificent!

Beatrice Alemagna’s work is perfection and, together with my girls, we always fall deeply into her books. On a Magical Do-Nothing Day, is a wonderfully absorbing story with such whimsical illustrations. It’s a super cosy read for these autumn days and most certainly captures the magic of the outdoors.

The story goes that the child and mother go on their annual cabin holiday while Dad is left at home working. The child is engrossed in the computer world until the mother takes and hides the device. Bored silly, the child decides to take a walk outside and it’s there that the real fun of the day begins!

I love the earthy palate of the pictures and in true Alemagna style a pop of neon shines through with such happiness. The woodland world which has been captured is so enchanting – it’s a true celebration of good childhood adventures. Every time I’ve read this with my girls I have a little tear in my eyes because Alemagna has captured the true meaning of being a child.

The book can be purchased in all good bookstores and online directly from the publishers Thames and Hudson here.


Vanessa x


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