Team Favourites : Fifteen Best Rainwear Options

Rain, rain, go away

What do you and your family wear outdoors when the weather is wet and you don’t want your clothes or spirits soaked. Rainwear is key! When Courtney and the family were in New Zealand, it basically rained for a month. You need really reliable rainwear so you can face the weather with a smile like Ivy.

Our team are sharing our very favourite, tried and tested favourites… and we hope you find them as useful as we do!

Team Favourites : Rainwear for the Family

  1. Unisex Petit Bateau cape — We look like a family of ducks, my two children in matcing raincoats to me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 The Petit Bateau raincoats are so practical, durable, and I love that the cape is easy to wear. I have the adult one too so I can also cover a napping baby in a front carrier. — Lara in London 
  2. Bergsetin Wellies — They’re rubber, comfy enough to wear all day (my kids love that) and are easy to match in with a wardrobe. — Helen
  3. Mini Rodini Edelweiss Low Trousers — We’ve loved these rain pants (ours are solid black) for keeping little legs dry on very wet days outside. They’re roomy enough to layer under, and wash up well after getting coated with mud. — Shannon 
  4. Little Bird by Jools Umbrella — Such a fun item on a dreary rainy day. Florence must be the only one in our family who loves it when it rains, just so she can get this out! I love the patterns and we get so many compliments with it. Such great value too! — Vanessa
  5. Vilac Umbrellas — These bright umbrellas with their wooden handles make rainy days just a bit more cheerful. We have a little green one with a mouse handle and it’s just the right size for an older toddler. Plus, is there anything cuter than seeing a small child tote around an umbrella? Guaranteed smiles every time! — Shannon
  6. Gosoaky Waterproof Jacket — Works really well and super cool styles, yay! Cotton lined so comfy for everyday. — Helen
  7. Classic Wellies from Muddy Puddles — I like these the best for my older kids. Classic look, tread-grip soles so anti-slip, great for adults too. — Esther
  8. Bisgaard Wellies — These are 100% natural rubber so very flexible for young feet learing to walk. They are cotton lined, comfortable, and classic… they go with everything! We adore the little leather tassle, and the bags for storing and travelling with are so very convenient. Matching ones for my children were unavoidable. — Lara in London 
  9. Muddy Puddles Pac-all-in-one — As a third child, Orla is out in all weathers, on the bike taking her siblings to their activities, at the football club, hanging out at the playground near singing class. I love this pac a suit, it makes SUCH a difference! It’s small and lightweight, so I can always bring it with us and know that Orla will at least be dry, but also that she can explore and get into as much mess as she wants! — Helen
  10. K Way Jacques Raincoat — For adults, we always bring them when traveling. — Esther 
  11. Muddy Puddles Pac-a-Mac — Perfect for kids it packs small, and is super handy for traveling or everyday use. — Esther
  12. Gosoaky —  Great quality, good for all seasons becasue it has detachable lining. Also unisex. — Esther 
  13. Muddy Puddles Puddleflex wellies – I like that these ones tie at the top — great for extra bad weather :). (More about Muddy Puddles here too!) — Esther 
  14. Suck UK Colour Changing Umbrella — My girls love watching the raindrops on this umbrella change colours as it gets wet! (It comes in a grown up version too). — Rebecca 
  15. Petit Bateau Iconic Waxed Raincoat — Inspired by these cuties in their matching raincoats, we are clearly fans at Babyccino. Numerous team members swear by this perfect and classic raincoat. — Courtney, Shannon, Lara in London 

I have to say, I do agree with Marlow (above), despite how sunny a yellow raincoat is, sometimes you just want to go indoors and retreat. What tips and favourites do you have for keeping dry?




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October 9, 2017

This post is right on time for me. – thank you! ….I’m looking for a rain jacket but also one good for cycling to school on dark mornings so with some reflective properties…..The yellow ones in the above list is probably bright enough but would be interested if anyone had other options…as sometimes putting high vis vests over jackets is a bit of a hassle.

October 9, 2017

For my 10yo Sways rain jacket and random brand rain trousers from Amazon for when we travel, not really in use in California. 🙂

Ember and Earth
October 31, 2017

Really great suggestions about different type of rain jackets. You should buy a best rain jacket for you as your one time investment may profit you for a long run. It enhances durability as well as comfort.

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