Bonnsu Miniware: Beautiful Bamboo Dinnerware with a Suction Cup!

I’ve been looking for a decent dinnerware with a suction foot ever since Tila was a baby. I’m a big Baby Led Weaning advocate so I let my kids eat on their own from the start but plates really fly from the table almost every time I go away from the dining table even if only for three seconds! I did find a couple that should work but they were either made of plastic, wood or just a torture to look at.

But finally…after so many years of searching, they found me! I was so happy when I received an email from Kandee of Bonnsu to introduce me to their new kids’ dinnerware line.

The first thing you can probably notice is that is looks gorgeous! I just love the beautiful pastel colors, the glossy look and the simple shapes. But that is not all – they are also completely eco-friendly! They are made of three natural ingredients: 40% bamboo fiber, 40% vegetable starch and 20% resin powder. The suction foot is made of food level silicone and is completely detachable, which means that after your kid grows out of it he (or she) can also use the dinnerware without it. Wait, there is more to it! The bowls and plates are also dishwasher and microwave (!) safe and can sustain up to 284F(140C)! And the last but not least – the suction cup really, actually works! My 1-year-old plate-throwing baby Tisa tried her best but failed at taking the bowl off. You should see my satisfied smile.

I was too excited not to order a few for my tiny online boutique, or if you’re from US you can also order them from their own online shop.


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