Loveable dolls by Merrilee Liddiard

I’ve been a fan of Merrilee Liddiard for a long time now. She is the creative mind behind the wonderful Mer Mag blog, a great source of inspiring and always-beautiful craft ideas. She is also the author of ‘Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids’, which again offers a whole host of unique craft projects for creative families.  So when she reached out a few months ago to tell me about her new project, I knew it would be good.

Mer has created a charming collection of handmade heirloom dolls for little ones to love. Each doll is oversized at 26″ long, making them a perfect companion for little hands to hold and to bring along on all their adventures. The dolls are all one of a kind with hand painted faces and beautiful, handmade clothing and accessories — like pretty felt ball necklaces and sparkly mary jane shoes. Each doll comes with its own name and a description of her personality. When purchasing, you can choose different hair styles (top knots, side buns or pigtails) to match your child’s favourite hair style.

The recent addition to the Merrilee Liddiard shop is a collection of Wren + James dresses so little girls can match their dolls and I honestly can’t think of anything sweeter. Oh to be a little girl again! : )

Courtney x


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