Norman & Jules — a whimsical toy shop

Norman&Jules toy shop

Norman & Jules is a toy and accessories shop in the old-fashioned kind of way. It’s the sort of place where you lose track of time when you’re discovering all of the most wonderful toys and imaginative finds. You will find intriguing science kits, amazingly cool musical instruments, a want-able collection of cards, stamps and stickers, a delightful selection of adorable baby clothes and accessories, creative art and sewing supplies that will make your fingers itch… and much, much more.


All the toys in the Norman & Jules collection are carefully selected from small, independent and environmentally conscious producers from all over the world. They are always pretty and well-designed (so they will look lovely in your house!) and they always support imaginative, organic play and encourage growth in young children. In short — the sorts of toys that we love!

We’re so happy that Norman & Jules will be joining us at the NY ShopUp again this September! I can’t wait to browse their stand and to find out what new products they have discovered in the world of toys and accessories. There are a few things that I’m already eager to check out:

Norman&Jules toy shop

  1. These pretty paper dolls by Of Unusual Kind. I like the old-fashioned, simple principle executed in a modern way. My girls would love these!
  2. . The ‘Make a Face‘ toy by Rock and Pebble. What a fun idea! I think especially Casper would play with this all the time (although I’m sure if I would leave this out on the coffee table, we all would feel inclined to change the daily mood of this face). I picked up the ‘Make me a sweater rabbit‘ for Ava last year and she loves it — she really mastered the cross-stitch technique with this toy.
  3. These darling Indigo Moon baby shoes by Camper General Store. (I know the cutest little baby boy who I think would look adorable in these!)
  4. The soft toys from Ouistitine. Hand-made by a Canadian mum, from re-used natural materials. Need I say more?

xxx Esther


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