Team Favourites : Best 12 Summer First Aid Kit Items

Summertime grants permission to let loose, stay up later, run a bit faster, and truly embrace life outdoors without school, schedules, and routine. So if long days are spent running in meadows, hiking in mountains, or swimming at the seaside… then possible scrapes, bug bites, or bruises, are unfortunately inevitable. Because we don’t want summer fun spoiled for our little ones, we have rounded up our favourite first aid kit items that we trust when a teary child needs to be fixed, cured, then kissed and cuddled to make them smile again. (And perhaps given an ice cream if the injury is really bad:) !)

Our First Aid items range from those that help prevent problems, other items to fix them, and some that are just good to have on hand just in case. Of course it isn’t just summertime that many of these items come in handy, so hopefully they will become part of your medicine cabinet at home too.

Enjoy our summer secrets for carefree (and pain free) fun:

  1. Buggle Blue – A mosquito repellent made of a mix of essential oils, we have this on hand all summer long. – Shannon
  2. Dr. Selby Ointment – We discovered this ointment when we were in Uruguay last year. It’s what everyone uses for rashes, insect bites, stinging nettles, etc. And how cool is the retro-style packaging! – Courtney 
  3. Savlon disinfectant spray – Great for cleaning out cuts and grazes, we call it the magic spray as it seems to miraculously make the pain disappear. – Kate
  4. Little Seed Farm Booty Balm – We use this as a diaper balm for the baby (and it’s excellent for that!), but I also rub a little on my the ever-present nicks and scrapes on my daughter’s arms and legs. It makes her feel better to know we’re ‘doctoring’ them, and the cocounut oil (which is infused with comfrey and calendula) and shea butter help soothe her skin. – Shannon
  5. Bandages – So fun to have a collection of. – Esther
  6. Micropore – I always carry this in my handbag. It is efficient, (one roll lasts for years), and stays on longer than plasters. It is waterproof, so great for swimming in, and it stays on little fingers, or bendy elbows and knees. – Lara in London
  7. Emergency Cream – Great for sunburn, rashes and minor grazes. This cream is all natural plant based & has no nasty parabens. It’s sensitive enough for baby skin too. – Kate 
  8. Squitos – Natural mosquito repellent with little cute stickers, so super handy. We love the patches! – Esther 
  9. Beeckman Bug SprayLara in London
  10. Tick Twister – Okay, this is a sort of unpleasant one to think about, but we’re having a terrible tick season here in the US, and bought this to have on hand for tick removal after it was recommended by my childhood pediatrician. We thankfully haven’t had to use it on any human member of our household yet (and we are vigilant about checking for ticks!) but we’ve used it on my brother’s dog and it worked beautifully. – Shannon
  11. Biafine – We use this on any scrapes, sores and burns. Such a good product for all year round! – Kate
  12. Arnica Gel – I always have Arnica gel around, for the frequent falls of a baby who starts to walk. 😉 – Lara in Paris 

And are your children obsessed with bandaids and plasters too? My daughter even wants her doll to wear micropore when she has it on. Perhaps I need to add it to a first aid kit with Esther’s Doll Hospital ideas she shared a few years ago — so cute!

What are your favourite first aid items? We would love to know!



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August 17, 2017

love this thank you !! I was only thinking what was i missing from my first aid box recently…

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