Team Favourites : Seventeen Travel Games

We love games (read our earlier post on favourite family games)! And since it is the season of travelling, we’ve rounded up seventeen of our team’s favourite travel games. Travel games have to tick a few boxes for us — they need to be lightweight, but worthy of making ‘the cut’ in suitcases which are short on space — which means they have to be serious hits with our kids, and they need to be hardworking so they can pass the time (over and over again!). Our travel game choices are great to either occupy kids at a restaurant before a meal, or on a family holiday for weeks (or months)  away! Oh, and we love games that help us bond and entertain for hours of fun and laughter.

Add some of these games to your Travel Essentials, and you will instantly make your travels more enjoyable. Here our our team’s favourite family travel games:


  1. Go Fish — This is a new game to us, but a big hit already. A great way to learn colours, have fun, and we love the fish shapes. — Lara in London
  2. Spot It and Dobble — Always favourites, and really one for the entire family. My kids love beating me! Such a FUN game!– Esther, Courtney, and Vanessa
  3. Adamo Word Game — We played this game nearly every evening of our 2-month campervan trip through New Zealand. It’s so fun, and educational too. — Courtney
  4. Waterworld — My favourite!!! These are fabulous for all ages. We have the Twist game for Helena and the WaterWorld game for Florence. — Vanessa
  5. Set — No bigger than a stack of cards, and super fun to play (also for adults). Suitable from the age of 5. — Esther and Courtney 
  6. Mad Libs — A classic game to keep kids busy, and laughing, while travelling. — Rebecca
  7. Story Cubes — This helps to spark great story telling and imagination, and it is super compact too. My four year old daughter finds these fun to use. — Rebecca and Lara in London
  8. Uno — Easy for the whole family to play. — Vanessa and Courtney
  9. BataflashDjeco makes lots of different games that cater to different age groups and interests. — Vicky 
  10. Yahtzee — Yahtzee really is one of my favourtie games. And 5 dice are so easy to pack! (We always look up the score sheet on our phone and draw it up on a piece of paper). — Esther 
  11. Monopoly Deal — The travel version of this popular family game. My kids LOVE this one! — Courtney 
  12. Shut the Box — My son is totally obsessed with this game, he beats us all every time! The wooden pocket sized version is robust enough to take out and about and it’s a great game for developing mental arithmetic. — Kate
  13. 32 Ways to Dress A Cat — We received this little drawing activity book from a friend, and it’s been a prefect way to occupy waiting time with a toddler who was until recently a bit too little for more formal games with rules. There are also dog, fox, bear, bunny, and pig versions available. — Shannon
  14. Read My Mind — We just recently discovered this game but it is something we always play in the car on long journeys, just without cards. You pick a card and other people have to guess what is on that card by questioning you so that you only answer with “yes” or “no”. This way is much more fun than without the cards – thinking of a thing on your own can be pretty boring and challening for kids plus they sometimes change their mind in the middle of the game 🙂 — Polona
  15. Roald Dahl Top Trumps — We have so many of these I’ve lost track but they never fail to entertain. The handy case makes them ideal for travel. — Kate
  16. Quixx — A great one for older children. — Vanessa
  17. Pencil & Pad Games — House of Marbles have so many great travel games but we especially love their pencil and pad games. We take battleships and dots and boxes with us everywhere we go. They slip easily into a pocket and keep the kids entertained for ages. — Kate

And don’t forget about our favourite travel Djeco Bingo which we have mentioned before. Or games that use items around you, like the Nature Hunt Memory Game that Kate’s family plays?  Tell us, what travel games do your families love? We would love to add new ones to our list.




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