Spinach and Ricotta Pie

I am just back from a beautiful long weekend in the northern part of Italy, in Liguria, famed for its pesto and vegetable pies and, not surprisingly — we ate like kings. There is something about the fresh products in Italy that seems to marry together perfectly, I never seem to be able to recreated the same thing once I am back in Paris. I do try though. ; )

The vegetable pies are especially incredible. The pastry is made with olive oil, not butter. This I still have yet to master, but the filling is slightly easier to recreate and does, at a pinch, work with normal short crust pastry or indeed a good store bought puff pastry for tarts. So here is my version of an Italian spinach and ricotta pie!


-200 grams of spinach
-1 onion (chopped) and a handful of chopped parsley
-250 grams of ricotta
-2 eggs
-40 grams of grated parmesan
-a handful of uncooked round rice
-a good quality pie crust (through I am keen to try the one mentioned in this post)


Heat your oven to around 180°C.

Slowly fry the onion and the parsley until the onion is opaque. Add the spinach and let it wilt. Put it in a collander and, once it has cooled down, squeeze the water out. Chop the whole mixture and add to it the 2 eggs, the ricotta, the parmesan and the rice. The rice will cook in the pie and absorb the excess moisture of the vegetables (a friend of mine suggested adding pine nuts, which I am going to try next time I make this).

Roll out the crust and line a 30 cm quiche tin and fill it with the spinach/ ricotta filling. Bake for about 40 minutes.

Hope you enjoy it!



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August 18, 2017

made this tonight, so good! though mine did not seem to look so green…maybe I weighed my spinach incorrectly? still delicious

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