Cherry Pit Whipped Cream

We adore cherries! And we can seriously eat a lot of them (punnets and punnets in fact) in our house. So when we came across a super easy recipe for cherry pit whipped cream, well, we absolutely had to try it. It consists of ‘leftover’ cherry pits sitting in a bowl of cream overnight. Then you strain the pits, and whip the cream. It is so delicious, so simple, easy to make with the youngest of chefs, and delicious! I love the subtle flavour of the milky and fluffy cherry cream. I can imagine it on the top of (future) summer fruit pies, morning pancakes, or on a cup of an indulgent hot cocoa… Or on top of more cherries! But even more than the yummy taste of the cream, I get a lot of satisfaction from repurposing the pits which ordinarily serve little purpose, and end up in the compost bin. Who doesn’t like reuse?

And as I began to read more about it, I guess cherry pits should be given more credit. They can be even be made into tea, or mascerated into limeades and more. But we will enjoy ours cold steeped, in an infusion of cream. It creates such a pretty soft pink and tastes nutty.  So next time you have a bowl full of cherries, save those pits, don’t throw them away.

Simple instructions:

  1. Mix one cup organic whipping cream to one handful of unwashed cherry pits (meaty bits are fine, they add to the flavour).
  2. Store in the fridge overnight.
  3. Strain the cherry pits out, and throw the pits away.
  4. Whip the cream until it is fluffy (it seems to whip faster than other cream, so keep an eye on it). We didn’t add sugar, try it without it, it was sweet enough to us.
  5. Enjoy the luxurious cherry cream as an accessory to your desert or all on its own.

A delicious treat for the family. Enjoy!
Lara xx


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