Team Favourites : The 10 Best Items for Sun Protection

We want to help prepare you for long sunny days and bright blue skies that childhood memories are made of. And we all want those beautiful sun-filled days to be safe and healthy ones too. So in preparation for summer holidays and vacations we have compiled our top 10 items for the best sun protection.

Personally, I can’t relax in the sun until I know every family member is well equipped to handle the day, with hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen when necessary, so I was excited to discover everyone’s tried and tested picks and tips.


Here are our top ten Sun Protection items for carefree days in the sunshine:

  1. Umbrella — These umbrellas aren’t cheap, but the quality is so good, you don’t have to worry that it will end up in landfill after one or two seasons at the beach. I also like that they come in a carry case, which makes it easy to bring them to the beach when you also have a beach bag and surfboards to hold! – Courtney 
  2. Sunglasses — These are practically indesctructible! And we have certainly tried. Also read more about the family who started Babiators here. – Lara in London
  3. Bonnets — These Briar Handmade bonnets are great for everyday use, with a little brim to protect them from the sun, and in a lightweight organic cotton and hemp blend, to keep those heads cool! Joseph has so little hair (still!) and I have had this on his head from March – July and it looks cute with every outfit. And Lara in Paris has the same bonnet for Oscar in “natural stripe“. It’s perfect for babies since they can’t take it off. Oscar will take every other hat off of his head. And we love the style too! – Lara in London and Lara in Paris 
  4. Hats — I love my sunhat from Brookes Boswell with the wide brim and drawstring , and she just launched a new collection just for kids, which is so cute! – Courtney
  5. Spray mist — It is not a sun protection but comes in very handy to refresh a baby’s skin when the weather is too hot but the sea too cold to bathe him for example. I always bring one when going on holidays in hot weather. – Lara in Paris 
  6. Sun hood — As soon as the weather becomes warmer in the Spring, I switch my bugaboo’s canopy to the Summer version. It protects from the sun (UPF 50+), has a mosquito net and provides extra ventilation that the regular canopy doesn’t give. –  Lara in Paris 
  7. Sunglasses — This is a French baby and kids sunglasses brand we really like. They are super light and comfortable to wear. The frames are very flexible and resist even a chubby baby bending them! – Lara in Paris 
  8. Sun Umbrella for buggies — I like the easy use of a parasol and that it protects your kids from the sun while they can still look everywhere around them, not being hidden under a canopy. – Lara in Paris 
  9. Rashies — The rashies from Canopea are the best quality of any we’ve tried. I also like the nice, solid colours. – Courtney 
  10. Sunscreen and suncreams — I actually feel that it’s important to let your children go outside a lot from the beginning of the season, so their skin tans slowly when the sun is not too bright yet, and they begin to develop a natural sun protection. Then in summer we use hats, rash tops, umbrellas, and when we need sunscreen we use the ones that are organic, with mineral non-nano filters, like these ones: Lovea and Laboratoires de Biarritz. – Esther

Also some other helpful posts to read are here and here about sunscreen. We hope you enjoy sunny days in the happiest and healthiest way!


ps The photos above were taken on both a day in the English countryside and a family hike in the Laguna Canyon overlooking the ocean and mountains. Especially in California, I could only enjoy the stunning landscape, despite the baking hot sun, because we were prepared with our hats and sunglasses.


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July 18, 2017

Skin cannot develop a “natural” sun protection. Sunscreen is always recommended!

July 24, 2017

Exactly! Please do not promote this myth!

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