The sweetest fall/winter outfits from Waddler

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Last week during the autumn break we visited the beautiful region of Puglia in Italy, located all the way south in the heel of the boot. For a few days we were staying in one of the characteristic local houses called ‘trulli’ — very typical of the region and so, so pretty! One morning, Casper and Ava were both wearing their adorable outfits by one of my favourite brands, Waddler, and I took advantage of our beautiful surroundings to take a few photos of them playing around (and on top of!) the trullo.

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We have worked with Philip and Marina, the couple behind Waddler, for many years. In fact, they started their company in 2008, the same year we started Babyccino! We have loved following their great adventures: Philip and Marina moved from London to South America not long after they had their first baby. They lived in the remote foothills of the Andes mountains, living a dreamy lifestyle: their little boy grew up picking avocados in their tropical garden, eating empanadas fresh from the clay oven, and clapping at alligators lazing in the hot summer sun.

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It was deep in the Andes mountains that Philip and Marina first discovered the existence and the amazing qualities of alpaca yarn. Its softness, strength and warmth, the beautiful colours…  When they were exploring Bolivia they learned about the ancient traditions of how to spin and knit the alpaca — traditions that run back to Inca times, when alpaca was used for the clothing of the kings. Waddler was born there and then, a collection of children’s clothing, designed with their magical, South American adventures in mind.

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With their sweet designs and high quality materials Waddler quickly became an important player in the children’s fashion world. The collections have always been so true to the brand’s philosophy: to create clothing that is perfect for children who like to be adventurous and explore the world around them. The garments are strong and comfortable to wear, and designs are timeless and mostly unisex, making them perfect to pass on. Waddler strongly thinks about ethics too: the alpacas are one of the planet’s most eco-friendly agricultural animals, and the alpaca wool which is used for the Waddler clothing is knit by locals who are paid three times the minimum wages.

waddler waddler
In the photos above, Ava is wearing the Pierrot Balloon Dress and Casper the Scallop Pierrot Jumper combined with the striped trousers. The Toy Dream Doll set is adorable too: children who are a little sad can tell their worries to the doll and put it under his or her pillow and the doll will take their worries away for them.
All pieces are knit by hand from the softest baby alpaca, beautifully detailed and are so, so sweet.

xxx Esther

PS This post is sponsored by Waddler, a brand we love and are proud to promote and represent on our shopping portal.


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November 7, 2016

I bought that dress and also in pink. It’s amazing!!!!!!! Love waddler!!

November 8, 2016

Thanks Lisa! So happy you liked the dress!

November 7, 2016

Will Waddler be at the Shopup in London?

Esther in Amsterdam
November 8, 2016

They couldn’t make it, such a bummer!

November 7, 2016

Just so adorable… all of it, and the dream dolls are just magic!!!

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