Team Favourites: 8 sturdy backpacks we love!

Do you love lists as much as we do? Whenever my eyes scout ‘the 5 best..’ or ‘the 7 healthiest…’ somewhere, I just have to read what is written. As if I’d be really, really be missing out on something if I didn’t read!

As you know, we only share about products we genuinely love here on Babyccino — and often we focus on one brand at a time — but we’ve decided that sometimes it’s nice (and handy) to see a list of items that really works for us. Items that we’ve used and tested, products we’ve deemed to be the best, the coolest, the most practical, the most beautiful, the most whatever, and that we really want to share with you!

So today we’re starting a new series where every other week or so (whenever we feel inspired!), our team will share a round-up of our favourite products, organised by theme. Because why would you do all the research when we have already done it for you?

8 best backpacks
This week, we’re talking school backpacks!

  1. The Estex backpacks are not only adorable looking but also very practical and sturdy. We’ve had one for over six years and it is still going strong. And I love the fact that it is machine washable! -Esther
  2. The Herschel backpacks are very practical and light, have lots of pockets that open easily and have a great design. My husband loves his. They come in smaller sizes for little kids too. -Lara in Paris
  3. The Fjällräven Kånken comes in two sizes: choose the smaller size for littler children and the bigger size for tweens, teenagers, or for yourself. Machine washable and easy access because the entire front zips open. So practical, and also hard wearing. -Vicky
  4. We have the Fanny & Alexander satchels which my kids take absolutely everywhere. They love them because they are light enough to wear around all day long and are just the perfect size for a packed lunch. They hold their shape really well and are quite firm so they’re great at keeping books, colouring pads, and paper nice and neat inside. -Kate
  5. Helena’s is from Engel which is perfect for bigger kids as it fits loads of books in. We love the design of the Dutch windmills but they have some great other designs too. It also has a matching pencil case with it which is perfect. -Vanessa
  6. This satchel backpack by Emile et Ida with golden trim is even cuter in person! It comes with a matching pencil case too. -Polona
  7. We have a whole collection of these cute backpacks by Cath Kidston, some of which we bought  7 years ago in London and they’re still perfect! There are smaller as well as bigger sizes. -Caroline
  8. This sturdy retro style backpack by Goodordering is big and has loads of handy side packets. Perfect for older children who need to bring more stuff to school. (There is also an adorable mini-me version for smaller children. So cute!) -Esther


What are your kids’ favourite backpacks?

xxx Esther

p.s. If you’d like to see a round-up of something in particular, please ask. We’d love ideas!


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October 7, 2016

Hi, I would love a round-up of clothing recommendations for older boys if possible please. In particular, items for rough beach/bush play that have proven to be sturdy and easy to care for during the Adamo family’s travels. Clothes from an ethical supply chain that will ship to New Zealand would be ideal. We have great organic, ethically produced gear for babies here and some for adults but very little available for 8-12 year olds. Thanks so much.

October 7, 2016

Hi Esther, can you do a round up of newborn essentials? That would be a huge help!


Esther in Amsterdam
October 10, 2016

Good idea! xx

October 7, 2016

Love the retro style backpacks by Goodordering!

We are very happy with our Herschel backpack. My son is very though on his stuff and this backpack has been holding great (almost 3 years).
When he was little, he used Beatrix NY backpack (our model is discontinued). He used it for about 4 years but the light grey color got really grubby no matter how hard I try to clean it, otherwise is still in great shape and we still use it occasionally for camping or summer camps.

Ladies, absolutely love the last few posts geared towards older kids. Books, toys, friendships, activities, movies, clothes….all is appreciate it. Thank you!

Esther in Amsterdam
October 10, 2016

Taking note! Thanks for your comment. xx

October 7, 2016

My absolute favourite of all time are the German Deuter backpacks! They come in all sizes, kids and teens as adults alike and are by far the most comfortable backpacks I ever tried. I have got an old Deuter Giga daybag ans I used it for countless “backpacking journeys”, where you actually wear your backpack all day long. Strongly recommend them for older school kids too that have to carry lots of heavy books or university students.
I have had an eye on the Hershel backpacks for a while as well now, might buy one for Christmas!

Also Yay for the lists and “the top x of”! loved all your lists before as well. I would like to see one on kids furniture! Where do you look, what shops or retailers? I absolutely adored Florence’s bunk bed in a previous post! And also Pim’s golden bedframe, where did you get that one? Was it thrifted?

Esther in Amsterdam
October 10, 2016

Thanks for your comment and suggestions!! And yes — we found Pim’s copper bed on a ‘vide grenier’ in France… xxx

October 13, 2016

Our absolute favorite here are the so French Tann’s backpacks:
Very good quality and timeless style, light and big inside! Pass from one kid to another and still the same…

August 29, 2019

May I suggest another one:
Minimal, classy, uni-colored backpacks for kindergarten and primary school.

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