Hero capes! (From iwishiwasa for Little Dish)


We’ve been in contact with British brand Little Dish for a while now. They shared their fabulous family cookbook with us not so long ago, which Emilie reviewed here — we love it!!

GoGo Capes

Little Dish recently launched a new snack, the so-called GoGo biscuits — tasty little treats that are made with wholegrain oats, flax and chia seeds and protein and are designed to slowly release energy and nourishment to children (and do not have the nasty additives). According to my kids, GoGos are extremely yummy. Plus — the biscuits come in little bags, each one including a unique little round sticker, that can be used to reseal and/or individualise the bags — so fun. My kids stick them everywhere :).

To celebrate the launch of the GoGo snacks, Little Dish asked fun brand iwishiwasa to customise GoGo superhero capes for them, which they shared with Sara and Casper. Our little superheroes!

gogocapes-4 GoGo superhero capes

The GoGo superhero capes are super well made, easy to put on and to move around in, and they definitely make you feel like a real superhero. Casper and Ava have been going on countless adventures and have been saving the days!

Go Gos

Thank you so much Little Dish for treating us with these cool outfits and for sending us your yummy treats!

xxx Esther

PS Little Dish is one of the fabulous sponsors of our next London ShopUp event. Can’t wait to try out all of their yummy food and hang out with their cool team in December!


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September 22, 2016

great idea, especially the bonus-sticker!
Would you mind telling me the brand of shoes Casper is wearing in the last picture? Thanks a lot and best wishes,

Esther in Amsterdam
September 22, 2016

Hi Nainde, they’re from 10is: xx

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