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Louis I, King of the Sheep by Oliver Tallec

Louis I

Louis becomes King

Louise gets a scepter

Never judge a book by a cover – right? So what looks like a really fun picture book has just completely turned our heads upside down. Olivier Tallec’s latest book, Louis I King of the Sheep, is so cleverly compiled with it’s simplistic look yet rich dynamic wording the readers mind will be ensured to be delighted.

One windy day, Louis the sheep is standing on a hill when a crown whisks towards him and lands at his feet. He very quickly takes on the role of King and immediately his character denotes his new and very important role. He strides through the fields with his scepter addressing his people and hunting his land. He strolls through his royal gardens and gratifies as he receives great artists into his palace. Louis certainly embraces his role as King with exuberance until his title is blown away from him as quickly as it’s received.

Tallec manages to acheive to send the message of how quickly it is to fall with such success through fun almost comic-like illustrations and a masterful story. Louis I King of the Sheep is a marvel and a book which all of us should read.

Louis I the sheep

Justice is so important to Louis


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Available in all good independent bookstores and on amazon (UK).

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September 1, 2016

sounds great …thanks

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