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The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls

The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls

Ivy reading The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls

Ivy reading Glorious Book for girls

At the start of the summer, when we were in London before heading down to Italy, our dear friend Delfina from Fanny & Alexander was in town and came over with some thoughtful little gifts for the kids. She brought Ivy a second-hand edition of The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls  and Ivy has loved this book so much, she has literally carried it around Europe all summer – even bringing it to the beach with her.

It is such a gorgeous book filled with so many wonderful, adventurous ideas for things to do and fun things to make. Ivy has made countless perfumes, lavender sachets, and masks. She’s raided cupboards and scoured gardens for ‘secret ingredients’. She’s learned the basics in ballet, learned how to make hummus and fruit smoothies, and it’s given her all sorts of fun ideas for things to do this summer. A glorious book indeed!

Courtney x

p.s. There’s also a version for boys called The Dangerous Book for Boys  which looks equally great.


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Aja Lake
August 17, 2016

I love these books! I picked up The Daring Book for Girls (similiar) long before I had kids—too cute to resist! And I just gave Ace the boys’ book, as a little gift before starting kindergarten. They’re so practical, and fun! x

August 17, 2016

Oh my girls love this book… but the Dangerous Book for Boys is Epic… your entire family will love it, forget children’s book… this is a coffee table book that will be treasured and browsed for years!!!

Victoria bowman
August 18, 2016

Hello, I would like to know where you got that beautiful rug, that the cute girl is reading on. Hope you can help. Thank you victoria

Courtney in London
August 18, 2016

Hi Victoria,
I picked up the rug from one of my favourite London shops which I featured on the London city guide: http://babyccinokids.com/blog/2016/06/11/gallery-196/

It’s a vintage rug, so it won’t be easy to find the same one – but they have loads of pretty things in that shop!

September 1, 2016

I’m not too keen on those “girls books” and “boys books” – why ballet and not mountaineering? Perfumes and masks, and not magic potions, wood huts and bridges, etc.? Sorry if it sounds a bit like a “gender equality cliché” – but maybe we need that kind of cliché more than the opposite one? Oh, and I too love the rug! : )

October 8, 2016

All these books sound like just the thing for Christmas stockings, thank you! By the way, I love that piano, do you know the make by any chance? We’re on the hunt for a simple, modern, beautiful piano.

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