Adorable pieces with Scandinavian heritage from Annaliv


Annaliv is a wonderful brand we’ve been working with for quite some time. Anna, the owner/designer, is from Denmark, and I feel like we have become friends over the years (we’ve regularly been seeing each other at trade shows and at our ShopUp events, and I’ve been following her beautiful instagram account for some years already too).

I love the Scandinavian inspired details and colours of Anna’s clothes. The traditional ribbons which she uses are exclusively woven for her in Sweden, and the patterned (organic) fabrics, designed by Anna herself, are inspired on old Scandinavian folk and fairytales. Her latest collection for example draws inspiration from the whimsical Carl Larsson paintings, which I love! There is something so simple and timeless about her collections.
annaliv-2 annaliv-3 annaliv

When we were in Capri a few weeks ago, I took some photos of Casper and Ava in their Annaliv pieces. You can see the pretty wooden buttons, the pre-mentioned Swedish ribbon at the pocket details and around the neckline of that pretty dress. I also love the way Casper’s shirt is cut — that slim fit looks so sweet. And doesn’t that bow-tie look just adorable on him?

Those knapsacks are so perfect for their size — they have been carrying them around all summer, filled with their little dolls and toys. So cute.

annaliv annaliv-1-2

And of course, when Casper and Marlow were romantically sharing their ice creams together in Positano, Casper was dressed a gentleman as well! ; )

xxx Esther


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