Photoshoot in Amsterdam by Christina Schumacher

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A few weeks ago, now that Courtney is back in our hemisphere, we all met up in Amsterdam and had two days of meetings, brain storming, dinners and laughs. I really do love these girls! We now know each other so well that we truly are family and, as we are all such strong characters, time together is never ever boring. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and Esther makes me laugh as she is, very possibly, the most glamorous dumpster diver around. She has this uncanny ability to spot treasures in a pile of junk! I would never, ever spot the potential!


Esther Courtney and Emilie in a boat in Amsterdam

While we were in Amsterdam, we also had a photoshoot to update our profile and team photos. The amazing photographer Christina Schumacher offered to take the photos of us.



Around the corner from Esther’s house, as we were walking to the canal to take photos, we discovered some old armchairs and carpets waiting to be taken to the dump. Esther, being the glamorous dumpster diver that she is, decided that these old armchairs were just the props we needed. And you know what? She was totally right – we had so much fun and the photos look so cool!


Emilie in chair

Thank you, Christina for the photos and thank you Courtney and Esther for being such great partners in crime. (Wish I could have taken that funky little chair home with me to Paris!)

Emilie xx


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July 20, 2016

You girls rock!

Lara in Paris
July 20, 2016

What a fun photoshoot!! Loving the armchairs! 😉

July 20, 2016

Ahhhhh love these so fun

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