Bamboo perfection, from Panda and the Sparrow


Bamboo is an amazing recourse — it is the fastest growing plant in the world (it can grow up to a metre per day without any fertilisers, pesticides or even much water!), and it completely regrows after harvesting — without the need to replant. Bamboo fabrics have some amazing advantages as well. Not only is it extremely soft (as soft as cashmere!) — it is also naturally hypoallergenic, UV resistant, breathable and absorbent. Also — bamboo fabrics are completely bio-degradable in the soil, unlike other man-made fabrics.

Cute mums Judith and Amanda quickly discovered all these amazing benefits after they had children (Amanda’s son Frankie suffered from eczema, and bamboo sleepwear really seemed to help). But, they weren’t able to find much cute and fun bamboo kids clothing on the market. So together they launched Panda and the Sparrow!

Offering a collection of organic bamboo clothing for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 24 months, Panda and the Sparrow covers all the basics you need, like sleepwear, onesies, t-shirts, hats and blankets. With simple patterns and prints, the pieces are super cute and also cleverly designed — for instance, the baby grows have front fastening all the way down the body and leg for easy changing. And, they feature fold back hands and feet, which give them extra flexibility and room for growth — making them perfect for daywear as well as sleepwear for an extra long time. (And you don’t have to deal with losing socks anymore!)

PandaAndTheSparrow_5 PandaAndTheSparrow_4
Last week, I was meeting up with our lovely team member Helen and her sweet baby Orla here in the Westerpark in Amsterdam, and I took some photos of Orla wearing her Panda and the Sparrow baby grow. How cute is she, and how cute is that little outfit with the darling sparrow print? Helen told me that she is a big fan of Panda and the Sparrow — she has a history of eczema in her family, so bamboo is a safe choice for baby Orla. Also, now that the weather is so unreliable, the baby grow is so perfect — the fold over feet ad warmth when it’s chillier, and when the sun does come out, the fact that bamboo is naturally UV resistant (cutting out up to 98% of harmful UV rays) comes in super handy!

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xxx Esther

PS This post is sponsored by Panda and the Sparrow, a company (and member of our shopping portal) which we are proud to support here as we love what they do!


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May 4, 2016

A lot of the advantages of bamboo that you listed only apply to bamboo fabric that is made mechanically like linen, not the (more common) rayon style processing which involves more chemicals (but is cheaper to manufacture).

May 4, 2016

Making the bamboo fabric does currently involve a chemical process. However this process does not affect the advantages listed. All the qualities of bamboo mentioned are lab tested and verified.

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