Petit Pehr: Storage baskets that make rooms look neat


With six people in a house, I am constantly tidying up. There’s no end to it! Once I have one room in order, I turn around to see the next in a state of explosion. Totally normal of course, and just the way it should be — imagine a house with little children living in it where there is no mess. That’s a house with no soul!


Regardless of the soul, I do like some sort of order around me. Especially since I’m working from home; I seem to be able to concentrate better when the house is in some sort of organised state. So I tidy up, constantly, and ask (hmm, urge) my kids to help me to do that. To make this job easier, I have assigned specific spaces to specific items — I have invested in clever and fun storage solutions over time, like old suitcases holding the yarn, market baskets for the Schleich animals, a big army crate for the marble track, fruit crates for books, etc…

Petit Pehr storage baskets (photo by Babyccino Kids)

And, I recently got these beautiful storage baskets from Petit Pehr — I love how pretty they are! I now, finally, have a place for the blankets in our living room, for the dolls in the girls’ room, for the lego in the boys’ room — even for the laundry in the laundry room! (Which, BTW, is another never-ending affair in our household!) There are many sizes of hampers and baskets at Petit Pehr — and so many great designs too. They all perfectly mix and match, making storage solutions a integral part of the room design; just the way I like it.


Petit Pehr is one of the awesome shops that is joining us for the ShopUp in NYC this Sunday and Monday. I’m so excited to have them there — they will be bringing loads of wonderful products (in addition to storage baskets, they have so many more beautiful home and kids room accessories!) — I’ll be sure to fill my suitcase with some of them!

xxx Esther


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September 11, 2015

Please, please do let me know where to find that wicker basket that is hanging under the table in the first photo. I love the hamper, but I love that basket even more.


Laurence c
September 11, 2015

Same here, same!! Where is the Wicher basket from? It’s beautiful!!

korin a.
September 11, 2015

Me too. I was hoping for the table basket link as well. Although I’m also checking out the Petit Pehr bins as well.

September 14, 2015

Ha! Yes! The table holds what I call a basket, plus it’s more centered in the picture, so I thought “Where is that table/basket from!”

I do love the little deer and polka dots ‘bags’ for my daughter’s room! Perfect for her dolls, to tote around and breathable to hide in (because I know that will happen too!)

Esther in Amsterdam
September 18, 2015

That table is a vintage knitting table — the basket is a drawer that holds the yarn. It also has a side drawer for the knitting needles. It’s really cool! xx

September 22, 2015

That is absolutely brilliant and beautiful! Definitely a must have in every home. Great way to store kids trinkets and toys without them cluttering the family space.

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