Needle (or dry) felting

needle felting

My kids (and I) have a new hobby: needle (dry) felting. We really love it! It’s incredibly easy to do, and so fun. Relaxing too — the rhythmic movement of poking the needle in the wool is actually really nice.



For needle felting you need just a few supplies: a sponge (a simple kitchen sponge works fine), some felting wool and some special, barbed felting needles. That’s all you need for making all sorts of shapes! An easy start, I thought, is to felt on top of wool felt sheets, and make pretty wool ‘paintings’ like this. Pim made a really sweet book marker as an end-of year gift for his teacher this way.

conscious craft needle felting
Or, you can use cookie cutters as a mould and create independent shapes. Ava and Sara made really sweet hairbands — first they made little felt blossoms and hearts, then they felted them to elastic hair bands (using a piece of wool felt to ‘glue’ the hair band to the shape). It entertained them for a an afternoon and their hair bands turned out really sweet!

Conscious Craft has a perfect selection of felting supplies, and you can also buy a blossom hair bands kit here. Fun!

xxx Esther


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July 27, 2015

That’s so cute, I remember doing that as a kid. I have two boys though, one too wee to attempt this yet and one with the attention span of a fruit fly!! Might try it with my goddaughter…??

July 27, 2015

I got into this a few years ago and made a fun little felted Christmas tree. And yes – something about stabbing the felt was quite therapeutic! The hairbands you made are cute – I’ll have to pull my kit back out and give it try.

July 27, 2015

I have been looking at felting for years, and was always reluctant to try it because it looked so hard. Felt is everywhere present in Bavaria and I always get reminded to tackle the challenge when I am at home. It’s good to see in your post that your children are felting. It might not be as hard as I perceived it previously. It’s time to give it a go!

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