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OMY Colouring poster

There are not many better things to do on a rainy day than some colouring! It has been grey and miserable a lot lately here in Paris, so we have had a couple of weekends where we have spent most of the day in our pyjamas, drinking tea (me!) and crafting. One massive success project is the OMY Colouring poster that I have hung up in our hallway. (I wrote about these a long time ago, but since I did, many more versions have been added). All day long when we walk past it, we stop and colour a little part in. Funnily enough grown ups (me!) seem to find it as mesmerising as children do.

We have the Giant Atlas Poster which has the added bonus that the kids are learning a little bit about which country is where, but I also love the Map of Paris which could be an excellent introduction to the city if you were planning a visit!

– Emilie


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January 9, 2014

I really like this! Would love to order the Atlas poster for my sons. They are 5 and 13 years old so it is difficult sometimes to find something they can both play with together. This is very cool and very “equal opportunity!” Do you know if the company ships to the US?

January 10, 2014

I love this. We definitely need one in a few months, when my boys are a bit bigger. Such a great Idea plus it looks super cool!!!
Love Vera x

Courtney in London
January 10, 2014

We brought one of these on holiday with us to the countryside over Christmas, and it was so much fun. It’s like the modern version of a big jigsaw puzzle! Grown-ups and kids alike will sit around doing it!
I love the Atlas one. How cool! xx

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