Animal Masks by Oeuf

I love the hilarious animal masks and tails by Oeuf. Such great designs — they are so simple and so cute. There is nothing better than being a dog and chasing after your own tail, don’t you think? The cool thing about these is that they are actually very well thought out. They come with the clasp on the tail and a good elastic on the mask, so they actually stay on and you can really play to your hearts content, instead of constantly having to readjust them. So fun to have around for playing at home, or for dress-up parties… even Halloween.

– Emilie


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August 2, 2012

aren’t these noses dangerous? In Europe we are not allowed to have any cord or strings that kids can strangle themselves with – it’s been the law in the Uk for over 30 years–

August 2, 2012

Now you are making me sad. My son got the tiger tail and mask when he was about 2. He loved the tail, not so much the mask. The tail was eventually converted into a dragon’s tail using felt. But alas, he has moved on from this type of dress up. I guess at 6 your are too big for such things. I may have to get my new niece one in a year or two.

August 11, 2012

The tails are so cool! Kids will love these at a party! 🙂

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