Famille Summerbelle Wallpaper

I have been a bit interior-decor obsessed lately, as I have been redoing my flat. We have been living in a building site with dust everywhere! Coco managed to lean against a freshly painted white wall: the result was a white line all down her back from her hair to her jeans, just like a skunk. But, slowly, the result is showing: pulling up the old carpet has revealed a beautiful oak parquet and I have spent several evenings obsessing over the different shades of grey Farrow and Ball paints have to offer. There are worse things to do in life. (On a side note: it has been a very different cultural experience having builders in between France and the UK. In France, the builders were totally nonplussed by my offer of tea and biscuits — I was almost offended!).

Now that the perfect grey has been chosen, the next project is the girls’ room. I have been thinking of putting up wallpaper on at least some of the walls! How lovely is this Famille Summerbelle wallpaper? It is appropriately called: Un dimanche à Paris (A Sunday in Paris). Is it a bit exagerated to have a Paris-themed wallpaper when you live in Paris? I am not sure!

– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
January 2, 2012

I love this wallpaper! Just gorgeous! And your new flat with oak floors and Elephant Breath walls is AMAZING! xxx

Courtney in London
January 3, 2012

I love this wallpaper too. And I don’t think it’s too cheesy to put it on the walls of your girls’ bedroom!

January 11, 2012

Love this wallpaper I too have been wondering where to put it hope they bring the London one out soon!

May 5, 2012

These are wonderful wallpapers. Check out a few other kid’s wallpapers in a similar style here: http://www.wallpapered.com/wallpaper/kids

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