Just after the birth of their first baby, Philip and his wife Marina waved bye-bye to London and moved to South America so their son “spent his first years picking avocadoes in a tropical garden, riding bareback with gauchos and dining on the Andean speciality: roast guinea pig. He saw the forests come alive with Ceibo blossom in the winter, watched fireflies light up his bedroom in spring and clapped his hands at alligators lazing in the hot summer sun.”
How wonderful, and how far away from the freezing cold winter we’re currently ‘enjoying’ in Amsterdam! Thankfully Philip and Marina brought back something wonderfully warm and cozy from South America: their recently launched brand Waddler. The Waddler collection consists of a number of adorable pieces for small children, each made to fair trade standards out of one of the softest and gentlest natural fibres we know, 100% baby alpaca. I seriously like every item in the Waddler collection: how cute is this little Tomatillo Romper Ava will wear for Christmas, or this reversible wolf/bear hoody that I think Pim would LOVE? I’m also very partial to the Pierrot Jumper, paired with the Blueberry dress… Oh, like I said — I like it all…

xxx Esther


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December 22, 2010

very nice and such great colours!
Thank you for introducing!

Emilie in Paris
December 22, 2010

This looks so lovely. I want to move to South Ameica too!

Courtney in London
December 22, 2010

Oh my gosh, you’re right — it’s all so beautiful. And yes, that description makes me want to move to South America!

Hector, Ana & Cristobal Peru
December 27, 2010

Hello Nina,
How wonderfull that the idea became a reality! I remember walking through the streets of Cusco and sipping pisco, brain storming names until it hit you. It was right there staring at you until you saw it. What great memories I have from those days. I wish you great success and wonderfull 2011 Waddler Seaon. Cafe-teta!!!
Love you all
Hector and the family

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